Hidden Treasures Preschool


Play is the work of early childhood. At Hidden Treasures Preschool the children play freely in the space with simple, natural toys that encourage imagination and creativity. Children engage in exploration of art, music, language and play as a coactive group while being honored for their individual interests and passions. Our teachers help the children create an environment of mutual respect and appreciation by modeling respect and empowering the children to explore and create.


We draw inspiration from the natural world around us and the children are encouragted to be creative through our open-ended art projects, storytelling, gardening and cooking. With our story telling we use the beautiful Waldorf method of telling an oral story while using table puppets. This gives children an opportunity to reenact the story while adding their own creativity. Throughout the year the children help to create and maintain our seasonal garden while being able to munch on fresh organic carrots, cherry tomatoes, green beans, snow peas etc. Our cooking and baking give the children a chance to explore the process of making our snack. It might be applesauce in the fall, a warm and comforting soup in the winter, or a quick bread and fresh-squeezed lemonade in the spring. The possibilities are endless and the children love to create and have something to share. Children are free to choose their level of involvement in the process of creating things without anyone imposing expectations about the project results. We follow a consistent daily rhythm to maintain a predictable and comfortable environment.


We honor and celebrate the magical time of delight, wonder and joyful exploration of early childhood. We provide a loving, safe nurturing environment where a child's love of learning and discovery will begin to unfold and flourish.


Hidden Treasures Preschool      129 Acadia Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95060      (831)423-6463